Promatic Pigeon Key Fob Radio Release

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Accessorise your Promatic Pigeon with a key fob radio-control unit. The three-button controller comes complete with a signal receiver unit and allows for 4 different modes of operation:

1, Instantaneous firing of a clay target. Done by pressing the red button
2. A 3-second delay in firing a clay target. Done by pressing the orange button
3. The instantaneous firing of a clay target followed by another clay target 3 seconds later. Done by pressing the green button followed immediately by the red button
4. A 3-second delay before firing a clay target followed by another 3-second delay before firing another target. Done by pressing green button followed immediately by the orange button.

• No set-up required
• Fast release
• Up to 100 metres range
• Waterproof
• Advanced RF Technology
• Single battery (CR2032) coin cell
• Up to 50,000 operations from a single battery
• CE compliant
• FCC certified.

1x 3-button controller
1x Lanyard
1x Signal receiver unit
1x Instruction manual and troubleshooting guide.


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