Certification and Security at Windcave

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“Windcave prides itself on being able to provide merchants and cardholders alike with secure and reliable payment solutions. To guarantee the best protection of stakeholder information, Windcave is compliant to PCI DSS Version 3.2 and is a Level 1 service provider. Windcave is re-evaluated annually to ensure ongoing compliance.

The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council established in 2006 by several leading card issuers: Amex, Discover, JCB, MasterCard, and Visa. The PCI Data Security Standards are set and enforced by the PCI SSC and ensure the secure and safe use of sensitive cardholder data.

Windcave is PCI compliant throughout our regions of operation. View our PCI DSS Compliance Certifications.

Windcave has PCI P2PE compliance; this ensures secure point-to-point encryption of sensitive data from card swipe to billing.

The Windcave e-commerce solutions, PxPay and account2account are both level AA compliant to the WCAG Accessibility Standard.

Windcave have a dedicated and purpose built development and data centre, specifically designed for payments processing. We have invested and continue to re-invest in state of the art, bank grade security and infrastructure, and are fully certified as Visa AIS and MasterCard SDP (PCI DSS) compliant at processor level; using an approved QSA for quarterly scans on systems and full onsite audits, annually. All sensitive information is encrypted with the 3DES protocol, with Atalla Network Security Processors.”


More on this can be found on our website – [Windcave | Certifications and Compliance | EFTPOS | Payment Gateway | Online Credit & Debit Card Processing|https://www.windcave.com/certifications-and-compliance]