Kilwell Mono 1/4lb Spool 30lb 398m

9.99 NZD

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Good quality monofilament for all your fishing requirements, high abrasion resistance, excellent knot strength.

Clear Monofilament.

Like all Kilwell Branded products this has a Kilwell Lifetime Warranty.

Available line specification;
6 lb – 2.72kg, 0.27mm, 1300m spool
9 lb – 4.08kg, 0.30mm, 1340 m spool
12 lb – 5.45kg, 0.35mm, 1000 m spool
15 lb – 6.80kg, 0.40mm, 754 m spool
20 lb – 9.09kg, 0.45mm, 596 m spool
25 lb – 11.33kg, 0.50mm, 483 m spool
30 lb – 13.60kg, 0.55mm, 398 m spool
40 lb – 18.18kg, 0.70mm, 250 m spool
50 lb – 22.72kg, 0.70mm, 246 m spool


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