Fish Fillet 3 Piece Pack – 160mm Knife, Spike & 150mm Steel

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The Kilwell Fish Fillet Pack will make quick work of dispatching your catch and taking care of it.
The kit has 3 components, a knife, a steel and an iki pike.

1. The KILWELL IKI SPIKE is the most humane way to kill a fish, pushing the iki through the brain of the fish.

This process was developed by the japanese for sashimi grade fish and is called ikijime. There is no need to put any angle on the iki spike as this may lead to you missing the brain and not killing the fish.
Features an ergonomic offset T handle and rust resistant 10.5cm stainless steel spike.

2. The KILWELL STEEL with ring and bar, 150mm overall length

Rockewell Hardness 65 (+2 -2)


The blade is made from quality Japanese high-carbon stainless steel for long lasting sharpness and corrosion-resistance.

The ergonomic hygienic handle is designed for ease-of-use with textured sides to promote a comfortable cutting grip.

Supplied with a hard plastic sheath, fitted with a belt loop and drain holes.

W320 – 160mm wide blade, stiff bait knife, (overall length 290mm).

Like all Kilwell products these have a Kilwell Lifetime Warranty.


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