Bluewater Saury 230 Guns-n-Roses

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Bluewater Saury 230 Guns-n-Roses

The award winning Saury lure is designed to mimic the popular pelagic baitfish and will be in its element
chasing Tuna, Mackerel and all other predatory species.
The Saury comes with 9/0 VMC single hooks and heavy duty rings and hardware.

The heavy duty, stainless steel, wired through construction ensures the lure will stand up to the toughest sports fish.
A new reinforced bib design compliments the nose wired tow point to ensure the lures swim perfectly out of the box
and require minimal tuning after use.

The Saury is available in several colours and some of those feature the patented LiveGlo fluorescent technology.

The technology incorporates luminous and ultra violet additives that are somewhat invisible to the
human eye but not to predatory fish.

The innovation and design in Lance Butler’s lures is something that sets his lures apart from most mainstream lures.
Enjoy using these quality Australian designed lures.

Length; 230mm
Lure Weight; 100gm
Diving Depth; +5m
Trolling speed; 6-8 knots



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