Digisight Ultra N455 LRF weaver SQD

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Pulsar Digisight Ultra high performance digital night vision riflescope with laser rangefinder for precision shooting

The Digisight Ultra LRF is fitted with an NIR (Near Infrared) optimised sensor that can form a clear image in very low lighting, such as one hour after dusk and 1/4 moonlight without the need to use additional IR lighting. In extreme darkness, such as starlight, the Digisight is fitted with a choice of 940nm ‘stealth’ IR illuminator that has no visible source, or a 850nm long distance IR illuminator. The high sensitivity sensor is complimented with precision ground, fully multi-coated optics for optimum clarity and detail.

An integral laser rangefinder provides accurate distance information that when used in conjunction with the Digisight’s multiple distance settings can deliver pinpoint shot placement. This is ideal for shooting at long distance and at small targets with subsonic ammunition.

Tough, waterproof body with high recoil resistance

Digisight Ultra LRF riflescopes feature high shock resistance and can be used with high powered firearms such as 9.3х64, .300Win Mag, .375H&H, 12 gauge rifled slug. Fully waterproof to IPx7 is suitable for all hunting in rain and snow.

A quick-release mount suitable for Picatinny rails is supplied with each scope. Additional mounts such as 11mm Dovetail and MAK are available as optional extras.

Pulsar Digisight Ultra LRF

StreamVision integration with IOS/Android and firmware update

Built in Wi-Fi module provides connectivity of thermal imager with Android or iOS smartphones or tablets. The smartphone and thermal imager combination offers a set of unique features such as direct image streaming, downloading and sharing recorded files, firmware update and many other.



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