AMR Thermo Vision Target Pads Pkt10

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AMR Thermo Vision Target Pads Pkt10

AMR Thermo Vision Pads are very handy targets that can be used when zeroing a thermal rifle scope. The components, mainly activated carbon, react when put into contact with air and in minutes will heat up to their ideal temperature of 38°C which, not coincidentally, is very close to body temperature.

The AMR Thermo Vision Target Pads have a diameter of 4 cm and come in a box of ten. They are individually packed into air tight foil. To activate a pad, just remove this foil and by peeling of the protective layer on the back, you’ll reveal an adhesive side which enables you to stick the pad to every desired surface.

Tip: When it’s really cold, the AMR Thermo Vision Target Pads can also be used as handwarmers in your pockets!


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