Shimano Lucanus Slow Jig 60g

20.00 NZD

Shimano Lucanus Slow Jig

Fish all season, each season

The Shimano Lucanus Slow Jig when combined with a matching Shimano rod and reel combination is an exciting, simple and prosperous method to catch all manner of species – by simply dropping it to where the fish are holding and employing a slow retrieve, predators will pounce on the jig and hook themselves! With large glowing eyes and a squid-like appearance, the Lucanus Jig is deadly on many bottom and mid-water species such as Cod, Snapper, Kingfish and Hapuka.

The hydrodynamic head design helps get the jig down to the strike zone fast and stabilises the jig during retrieve. The dual eyelet design allows the bottom eyelet to be used to tie the line with a sinker for fast current condition. Intensely coloured skirts flare during the drop, making these lures irresistible.

Enhance sportfishing
Bottom fishing with heavy tackle and cut-baits can be labouring and time consuming; however. Lucanus takes the labour out of sportfishing and provides you the freedom of fishing without the need for live bait.

Fish all season, each season
Lucanus is effective in each season but performs the best in cold water conditions when fish aren’t so active.

Easy to fish with
Lucanus is an easy and simple style of bottom fishing with light tackle. Unlike Shimano’s Butterfly Jigging technique’s quick up and down motion, the Lucanus technique is a slow up and down motion a few feet over the bottom

Shimano Lucanus Slow Jig Features:

  • Large glowing eyes and squid-like appearance
  • Hydrodynamic head design sinks quickly to the bottom and stabilises jig during retrieve
  • Dual eyelet
  • Multiple hook system
  • Vibrant-coloured silicone skirts
  • Action: Soft slow lifting
  • Weight: 60g
  • Hook type: Assist hooks x2

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Chartreuse Shrimp, Orange/White, Pink Shrimp, Pink/White


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