Sako Gamehead 308 Win 123gr 20rnds

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Spitzer-nosed soft-point bullet for accurate shot and efficient release of energy.

Light jacket and non-bonded core allows for rapid and effective expansion.

It is an excellent all-purpose hunting bullet for NZ game.

Sako Ammunition is guaranteed to shoot sub-MOA in all Sako and Tikka Rifles.

Take the trial and error out of finding a load your rifle likes. Simply pair up Sako Ammunition with a Sako or Tikka Rifle for a combo that’s guaranteed to perform.

Calibre Projectile Bullet Weight Velocity
222 REM GAMEHEAD 50gr 3182fps
223 REM GAMEHEAD 55gr 3166fps
22-250 GAMEHEAD 55gr 3609fps
243 WIN GAMEHEAD 100gr 2969fps
30-06 REM GAMEHEAD 150gr & 180gr
308 WIN GAMEHEAD 123gr, 150gr & 180gr


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