Groper Squid Seducer 13/0

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Groper Heavy Duty Rigs are tied on a 140kg backbone and 90kg droppers.  The rigs include two 13/0 recurve circle hooks.

The backbone is fitted with bran swivels and 2 crimped lumo covered dropers Proven colour combinations of metallic thread or lumo squids are used to enhance effectiveness of these rigs.  Extended exposure of sunlight to the lumo will attract target fish in deep water.  

Simply clip your main line onto the top snap swivel of the rig.  Connect a sinker onto the bottom breakaway loop.  Attach a small bait on each hook and you are away.  Hang on and wait for the BITE.

Groper Heavy Duty Rigs are also effective on other deep water fish species including Snapper, Bass, Trumpeter, Hake, Gem and Kingfish.  A must for any tackle box.


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