BM KLT 10/0 Hook Economy

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Modelled of our original KL recurve hook, our premium KLT® hooks have the added benefit of a non-offset point, which further promotes jaw or mouth hook ups.


Our unique KLT® hooks are manufactured in Japan from medium gauge high carbon steel wire, meaning they’re strong enough to land large fish. The combination of a chemically sharpened point and the slippery PTFE coating aids with penetration, even on the toughest, boniest jaws like snapper.

Recurve hooks are ideal when you intend to release your fish, as they commonly hook the mouth or jaw of the fish. This makes it easier to remove the hook and causes less tissue damage and stress to the fish.  

Our KLT® hooks are perfect for fishing in deeper water or in the surf, when bites are harder to detect and striking is less effective. Once the hook is in, it’s difficult a fish to dislodge, even when the line is slack.


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